Isolabella - Taormina

Isolabella – Taormina

This Sicilian city is regarded like Venice by tourists. Every year, indeed, people arrive in this city to party their love story or their honeymoon. I am speaking about Taormina, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Taormina is a small town facing the Ionian sea, midway between Messina and Catania, not far from the nearest bay of Giardini Naxos. Taormina lies on a small Sicilian hill overlooking the sea in Giardini Naxos and thanks to this favourable position, offers spectacular views among mountains, hills, stony paths, the glittering sea and the blue sky. Taormina still today keeps ancient Roman and Greek ruins, but also Arab remains, and castles dating back to the Middle Age.

When you visit Taormina, you feel to be coming back into the past. No place is like this in the world. Typical Sicilian buildings, ancient shops, churches and monuments lies on the main hill of the town. This hill, in reality a small promontory, lets you see the stunning views I mentioned above. The town, indeed, has stony narrow ways and paths where you can admire churches, monuments and so called street artists. They are men and women who paint your image on wooden tablets and give them to you with your perfect painted face. While you go through the streets in Taormina, you can also meet rose sellers. Here is because this place is ideal for your wedding and your love story.

The rose sellers offer you the most beautiful and rare specie of roses in Sicily, while you can also hear the tender sound of music emitted by fabulous street musicians. Taormina is a dreamy town to be absolutely visited. This town was also admired by famous international artists, photographers and writers, such as Johann Wolfgang Goethe, photographer Otto Geleng, Tennessee Williams, Jean Cocteau and Jean Marais.

The Greek Theatre

From the promontory of Taormina you can also see the marvellous Mount Etna one the most active volcanoes in Europe. At night, and when the volcano erupts, you can admire the spectacular drop of the burning lava. In Taormina, the most important ruin is the ancient Theatre, also called Greek or Roman Theatre ( see the image). This ruin lies in the valley of Taormina. Many columns and rows are still today untouched. The Theatre was built by the Greeks and later by the Romans, here is because it contains a mixed architectural style. This building is magnificent and awesome and it is the location for important international events, such as Taormina Arte, where famous ancient Greek tragedies are represented every summer, and Taormina Film Fest, which also hosted the David of Donatello awards to reward famous international stars of Cinema and TV.


The Square IX April – Taormina

In Taormina you can also admire a baroque fountain dating back to 1635, the Church of San Domenico, the wonderful Corvaya Palace and its stunning and ancient courtyard of the 10th century, the Duomo, a perfect Medieval Church dating back to the 13th century, and the fabulous landscape of the square IX April ( see the image). This square lies on a perfect medieval stone floor, while its angles are surrounded by the tips of gothic and baroque churches and by a very elegant staircase.

The square is regarded like the most charming external living room in Sicily. Suspended between the sea and the mountains, the square is the ideal place for a tasty outdoor breakfast or dinner. Taormina is beautiful both in the day and at night. In the evening, when the lights of the city turn on, this place turns into a precious treasure of coloured sparkles to enjoy absolutely during your travel to Sicily. The weather is typically Mediterranean in Taormina (mild winter and hot summer) and for this reason you can visit this town all year.

This marvellous and magical place also has one the most beautiful bays in Sicily. This bay is called Isola Bella( see the featured image). and is a small island with a still wild and unspoiled landscape. The island also has a pebble beach surrounded by rocky stones. They, in turn, form like a sort of enchanting crown which guards the spectacular crystal clear waters of the sea. To visit these wonders, find hotels here.