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news about SicilyDo you need Sicily news to publish on your print magazine or website?

Read this article, then! You are on the pages of the first Sicilian blog founded by a true Sicilian woman. Not one who lived abroad for her lifetime and visited Sicily just once to write a piece for you. No, I am a true Sicilian (born and living in Sicily). Obviously, you can find tons of news about my loved Sicily, but they never have the deep soul of a real Sicilian point of view. I read often Sicily news in English on the web, but they dwell around the usual topics: Sicilian Mafia, famous places, food and drink, Palermo, Corleone and Taormina.

But Sicily is much more than this and I think that people have the right to be informed internationally about the news of the most important island of the world, about its contradictions, customs and about the good and the evil of all the things that form true Sicily. Many local news about Sicily, for instance, are published in Italian, only, or not are published at all. Sure, the few that are published in English are well written by native English speakers, but are these Sicily news engaging? They obsess readers with the shocking truth about the untold news about my loved Sicily? Many facts occur in Sicily, every day, some of them are wonderful , others ugly, but they form the true soul of Sicily and worthy to be told and published.

I have a Sicilian blog, not a news magazine, and because of the editorial mission of Sicilyonweb, I can’t discuss about interesting facts that happen in Palermo or Gela or in the small village of Ribera, for example. Do you know that the most of Sicilian women are doomed to live a life as housewives only, because there are no job opportunities in Sicily for them? Do you know that the city of Gela has been the capital of the so called “triangle of the death”, along with Augusta and Priolo? In the past century, these cities hosted many factories which polluted a large portion of their territory. There, fishes and even children were born misshaped and with severe genetic mutations. Do you know that the satellite system called Muos has been installed in the city of Niscemi raising the riots of the local mothers who fear for the health of their children? Can the Muos installed by the US Army rouse health damages and diseases in the locals? Have someone ever investigated about this matter? I don’t think!

As regards important news from Sicily, I did an only exception: I published a blog post about Coronavirus in Sicily, to inform you about the spread of the virus in my island.

Furthermore, some months ago, I learned about the suicide of a woman who lived in the surroundings of Noto Valley. Yes, many Sicilian women suffer from severe depression due to the economic and social conditions they endured in their life. Forced to live jobless and to take only care of their loved ones, without a room for themselves, they do not feel important for people. Their Sicilian role has always been the one to take care of husband, children and churches. You can’t know how many Sicilian women spend their days to clean the local Catholic churches, but while the Sicilian priests earn a monthly income to celebrate the Mass, these women earn nothing. I call them “ Angels of Sicily”.

I feel to be one of them, but, to avoid depression, I avoided to clean churches and founded three websites in English, instead. They served to gain a professional role in addition to the family caring, because in Sicily, when a woman is born poor, she will always have difficulty to find a job on this island, unless to accept the ugly compromise laid down by the culture of mobsters, namely by the Sicilian mafia. Their rule is or pay the bribe to get a job or go away from Sicily. I didn’t accept to pay the bribe and didn’t go away from Sicily. In short, in Sicily, I didn’t have any future, apart the usual fate to be a wife who takes care of her loved ones and cleans churches!

Above all, I created this Sicilian blog to get a role by giving a role to my loved Sicily. Alike, talented Sicilian female artisans are nowadays contributing to growing the Sicilian economy. I am sure that today, they will be the Sicilian women to make Sicily wonderful.

I am very sorry, my dear foreign publisher or journalist. You‘ll never get genuine Sicily news by press agencies, even though they founded websites with the domain name Sicily News!!!
They lack of the sense of the truth that always characterizes my Sicily, they don’t have the heartfelt tone of voice of a true Sicilian point of view, above all, of a local Sicilian woman who witnessed the good and suffered the evil of Sicily.

Even a travel guide about a Sicilian village lost in time or a local food festival take another flavor through a Sicilian storyteller.

I don’t know, if I managed to persuade you to contact me to get the news about Sicily you are looking for.

But, I can guarantee that with me you’ll get fresh and genuine Sicily news, based on the real facts, furthermore, since many locals speak Italian, I’ll translate their statements, for you, in order to get a unique and original piece not copied and pasted by press agencies.

As a publisher, you won’t spend money anymore to send journalists to Sicily, because you can count on a woman, who is also a Sicilian bilingual writer and a journalist who is already in Sicily.

Well, if you are interested in getting fresh news about Sicily, don’t waste further time and get in touch with me now, before that one of your competitors gets an exclusive news about Sicily, straight from me, an expert Sicilian journalist who lives in Sicily and founded the first Sicilian blog about Sicily.

Fill out the contact form and ask me for the kind of information you need to engage your audience with compelling and original Sicily news. I’ll reply to you within 24 working hours.

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