Hotels in Catania, selected for you by a taxi driver who lives and works in Catania

Centre of CataniaAre there cheap, pretty and good hotels to stay in Catania? I tried to reply to your question through this article about my loved Sicily. I know this is an unusual post in comparison to what I do very often on this travel blog, but seen that I received many messages from travellers who asked me if I have a list of good, cheap and pretty hotels in Catania, I decided to satisfy this question. I am sure you have also visited many travel agencies and reservation websites to find your favourite hotel in this beautiful and baroque city of Sicily, but hotel lists are often misleading, confused and with many reviews that could also be false.

Well, to avoid you find the wrong hotel, I published for you a comprehensive list about hotels in Catania, splitting it into the main points of interest of this city, in order you can book only the one which is the most suitable for your vacation. I found hotels near the airport, near the centre, the beaches and the Etna zone. These accommodations are helpful to make interesting trips to the nearby Sicilian cities, such as Taormina and Syracuse, but also to make a stop to Catania beaches or admire the stunning view of Etna mount or to do shopping in the stunning boutiques in the Etnea street.

A hotel in Catania can also be helpful if you are about to undertake a tour to the Inspector Montalbano places. I also tried to combine the cheapest solutions with the top notch hotels. To be succeed in this hard mission, I also asked for the help of a skilled taxi driver in Catania. His name is Paolo. I called him on the phone and asked him your same question: can tell me about cheap, pretty and good hotels to stay in Catania? If you are ready to discover the list of the hotels in Catania, read the following paragraphs and thank Paolo for the helpful information he provided to us.

Hotels near Catania Airport

If you need to visit Catania for a day and then Taormina and Syracuse, you must stay near the airport. The best and cheap hotels in this zone are: Catania International Airport Hotel, Romano Palace and Nettuno Hotel.

catania international airport hotelCatania International Airport Hotel is a large hotel with 128 smoke free guestrooms, free parking, free WiFi, Airport shuttle, two restaurants and child care. It is in San Giuseppe la Rena street, only 0.7 miles from Fontanarossa Airport. Price is from 85 to 200 euros per night (fees and taxes included). To get  the lowest rate,book here

romano palace hotel cataniaRomano Palace is regarded as a luxury hotel, but as the matter of fact, that is a cheap luxury hotel. It is on Kennedy avenue and has a restaurant, outdoor pool, terrace, 104 guest rooms, free wifi and free parking. The reservation price is from 99 to 280 euros per night. Click on the name of the hotel to get a discounted rate.

nettuno hotel cataniaAccording to Paolo, the taxi driver in Catania, the best hotel near Fontanarossa airport is Nettuno Hotel (see the image). It is 4.5 miles from Catania Fontanarossa Airport and 2.1 miles from the city centre. It lies in Ruggero DI Lauria avenue, a beautiful street with a picturesque view over the sea. This accommodation has 101 freesmoke guest rooms, a restaurant, terrace and outdoor pool, garden and Airport drop-off service. Prices are fairly affordable, from 59 to 115 euros.

Hotels near the centre in Catania

NH Catania Center HotelA good hotel near the centre in Catania is the NH Catania Center. It lies in Trento square, one among the most central squares in Catania The hotel has 128 guestrooms, restaurant, self parking, childcare and free WiFi. Prices are from 70  to 110 euros per night.

airone city hotel cataniaAn excellent four star hotel at the centre of Catania is also Airone City Hotel. It is in Nuovalucello Street, neat Angelo Massimino Stadium. This charming hotel is outfitted with 40 guestrooms, outdoor pool , bar lounge and offer you a bike rental to visit the center of the city. Reservation prices are from 90 to 120 euros per night.

plaza hotel cataniaPlaza Hotel is another good hotel suggested by Paolo. it is only 1.9 miles from the centre of Catania and lies in Ruggero DI Lauria avenue, the road leading to the sea view and the beaches of the city. The hotel is just near the beach and has 48 smoke-free guest rooms, restaurant, rooftop terrace, WiFi in room, self parking, airport pick-up service and childcare in the room. For this hotel, reservation price is from 81 to 307  euros per night.  To book the  lowest rate, click here.

In the centre of Catania, another popular accommodation is B&B Stesicoro. That is a family accommodation placed in Stesicoro square, alongside Etnea street. This hotel is is in a favorable position to reach the cathedral and to visit another, still unknown, zone of Catania, namely: Catania underground. I’ll talk about this place, in detail, through a new blog post, now you must know it was the ancient Roman city of Catania. This city was destroyed in 1693 because of an awful earthquake. Today, in the basements of Catania, just in the Stesicoro square, there is an entire city buried and containing crypts, skeletons and the remains of an ancient and glorious past. To visit Catania underground, you absolutely need a skilled travel guide, because many years ago, a group of students ventured into the deep maze of Catania underground and lost in its dark tunnels. These students were never found back. Prices of the B&B Stesicoro are from 52 to 119 euros per night.

hotels in cataniaI want also to suggest an unusual hotel that, inside, has a baroque style. It is in Minoriti street , 0.2 miles from the Vittorio Veneto avenue. This accommodation is Il Gattopardo House . This facility is in an ancient noble palace, in the most central street of Catania, where you enjoy a full day shopping. In addition to 10 smoke free guest rooms, this accommodation has a large and magnificent lobby lounge decorated with a stunning baroque style (see the image). Furniture always has a charming and magnificent style. The look of this hotel is really breathtaking. Prices are from 50 euros per night.

B&B Liberty 900At 3 miles from this street, in Trento square, you can book another popular accommodation, namely B&B Liberty 900. Outfitted with classic double rooms and garden (see the image), this B&B has an essential style, but is in a favourable position to walk along the streets of Catania and visit, if you have loving strolling on foot for over 30 minutes, the following attractions: Bellini garden, Massimo Bellini Theater, Biscari Palace, Catania Cathedral , Elephant Fountain, Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolo, Greek-Roman Theatre, Ursino Castle, and Malavoglia Fountain. Reservation price is around 60 euros per night.

Another interesting and cheap B&B in the centre of Catania is B&B Bellini. This accommodation is in Etnea street, near the Cathedral square. That is a small B&B with three bedrooms, prices are from 45 to 60 euros. It is an essential accommodation to visit the historical center of the city.

If you want to stay right in the heart of Catania to admire Catania cathedral and its square (see the first image of this post), I suggest that you look at Centrale Europa Hotel. This accommodation is in the Vittorio Emanuele street, just in the cathedral square. The hotel has 17 guestrooms and a bar lounge, the amenities are not so interesting and for a meal you must go to an external restaurant, but prices are fairly affordable and go from 53 to 76 euros per night.

Hotels near the beaches in Catania

Catania also hosts interesting hotels near the beaches. The ones I mentioned in the first paragraphs of this post are near the beaches, too, or, rather, on the seafront. I mean about the ones in Ruggero di Lauria avenue, namely Plaza Hotel and Nettuno Hotel.

Le Dune Hotel CataniaAnother beautiful hotel with sea view and swimming pool is Le Dune Hotel (see the image). It is highly recommended by Paolo, the Sicilian taxi driver who lives and works in Catania. Le Dune is a three star accommodation with 57 guest rooms. It lies in Kennedy avenue (just near the beach) has a restaurant, garden and fitness center. Prices are around 77 euros per night. Through this hotel you can visit the famous Playa beach. I consider this beach very crowded in the summer, while it is fairly enjoyable at night, because you can enjoy pretty summer parties with dance, food and drink.

Hotels near Etna mount

La Meridiana B&B EtnaTo admire Etna mount, you shouldn’t book hotels in Catania centre, but near the small villages and municipalities which surround the city. For this reason, I recommend you book a small and picturesque B&B in Zafferana Etnea (see the image). This accommodation is La Meridiana B&B. It has three guest rooms, minibar and separate dining rooms . Through this accommodation, you can visit Etna Park and the beautiful city of Acireale. Reservation at la Meridiana B&B has a price of 38 euros per night, only (fees and taxes included).

Alle Pendici Hotel EtnaIf you prefer a real hotel, you can book Hotel Alle Pendici, a picturesque hotel just on the ground of Etna Park, in the mountain village of Nicolosi. The hotel has ten guest rooms, bar lounge, garden, barbecue grills and a favorable position to visit Etna mount and its stunning landscape. Reservation price is 55 euros per night.

Always in the municipalities surrounding Catania, you can book also an excellent Hotel Spa Resort with large internal pool and wellness center to enjoy thermal therapies. This hotel has been recommended always from Paolo. Its name is 4 Spa Resort Hotel . This accommodation is outfitted with stone thermal baths resembling the classical Jewish baths. This resort lies in Acicastello, only 5.7 miles from Catania Airport. Reservation prices are from 76 to 100 euros per night.

I want also to remind you that prices can have seasonal changes.  Hence, if you want to get the lowest reservation price, book as soon as possible and avoid booking in high season. Furthemore, if you book from 1 to March 31, you’ll enjoy a further 10% discount. To get the discount, book here.

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