Favignana Beach - Aegadian Islands

Favignana Beach – Aegadian Islands

Among the Aegadian Islands, Favignana is the most known by tourists and the most visited during the summer.  Included in the province of Trapani, you can reach this isle from the namesake city of Trapani. Favignana is a very little isle enriched with rock coast, many pebble beaches and a few sandy areas. Its name comes from the shape of the isle, which it is like a butterfly, also said “farfalla “ in Italian. Many rock beaches are not suitable for families and children, but only for those who love to shoot stunning images.

Cala Rossa - Favignana - Aegadian Islands

Cala Rossa – Favignana – Aegadian Islands

To relax on the beaches, tourists must attend only the sandy ones. Favignana has many beautiful beaches and caves suitable for lovers of the blue sea. The most famous beach is Cala Rossa (see the image), it is also regarded like the most beautiful bay of the Aegadian Islands. However, the rock coast rising from the sea makes this bay less accessible for families and children. Other accessible bays are Lido Burrone and Cala Azzurra.

They have sandy beaches and crystal clear waters where you can swim or soak up the sun. From the waters surrounding other famous caves, tourists have the opportunity to swim or do diving. I am speaking about  the Cave of Lovers (Grotta degli Innamorati) (see the image), the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) and the Grotto of Sighs (Grotta dei Sospiri), so called because locals refer that during the winter it is possible to hear a strange moaning.

The cave of lovers - Favignana

The cave of lovers – Favignana

The town of Favignana has also very interesting monuments to see, such as the Arab fort and the watchtower Santa Caterina in addition to two squares and shops and restaurants. Favignana is very busy and crowded in the summer. If you love a silent and relaxing holiday, I suggest that you visit Favignana during other seasons, also in the winter. This area has indeed mild winter with few rains and very hot and dry summer.

You can reach Favignana from Trapani port.

To find accommodations in Favignana where the owners speak English, please send me a message. I’ll find the proper accommodation for you.


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