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Recently, I have learned there are also people who love to visit cemeteries. I don’t’ think they are mad or or british cemetery cataniafoolish or rather affected from a perversion known as necrophilia, I think they like cemeteries because they are real historical monuments and above all because they are also the most silent and quiet places to visit during a journey. Since I am speaking about places and monuments to visit in Sicily, I want to introduce to you one the most important cemeteries of Sicily. That is the British war cemetery placed in the city of Catania.

This is one of three war cemeteries that are in Sicily. The other two are in Syracuse and Agira, in the district of Enna. The British war cemetery of Catania contains over 2000 burials that house the corpses of the British soldiers who died during the final stage of the Second World War. I believe you catania war cemeterymust visit this cemetery because you can also find back one of your far relatives you lost during that war. The British war cemetery of Catania is placed on the southwest area in this city. This place can be reached from the Airport and following the main road called tangential, toward the highway A19 that leads to Palermo. You can see the signposts of the cemetery just before reaching the highway A19.

The British war cemetery of Catania is regarded as one that has the most beautiful lawn of Sicily. The graves are typically in British and American style, laid on the ground, with white crosses and likewise white and shimmering tombstones. The main entrance of the cemetery was locked because of litter and thieveries. To prevent the guest books and visitor registers were stolen by thieves, it was also added a gate. To gain access to this gate, you need a padlock. You can have the padlock only during the working hours of the gardeners. You can find the gardeners in the following hours: 8:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 3:30pm in the winter and 7:30am to12: 00pm and 1:00pm to 4:00pm in the summer.

british war cemetery cataniaThe cemetery can be also visited by car, if the gardeners verify your identity and papers, but it is easier you can access on foot. As I said above, the cemetery was built in memory of the soldiers who died in Sicily in the Second World War. This war cemetery has 2,142 graves, whose 113 are British, 12 Canadian, one Polish and the others unknown. The most of these soldiers were members of the U.K Royal Air Force. In July 1943, when the Allies landed in Sicily to defend this region from the firm and stubborn German resistance, the death toll was very high.

The Italian forces couldn’t help allies and German soldiers prevailed against the allies troupes, although they were anyway defeated at the end of the war campaign in Sicily.  This mission or military campaign ended on August 17, 1943, when the Allies arrived in Messina but failed to cut off the retreating Axis lines. For those who lost their lives because of the war, the cemetery of Catania is and will be an eternal tribute. I assure that you’ll live an unforgettable spiritual experience in this war cemetery.

There is silence in this place, sometimes a bit of wind, and when this happens, you can sense as if a spirit strokes your face to greet you and ask to pray for him. No, there aren’t ghosts in the war cemetery, but only the graves of the war heroes that ask us to be remembered forever as a symbol of peace and against every war. For more information about how to visit the British war cemetery of Catania, you can also see the official website of the CWGC, namely the commonwealth war graves Commission.  In this website, you can also type the name of people and relatives you lost during the war in order to detect and visit their grave.


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8 thoughts on “Catania War Cemetery

  1. Sydney Graham

    This appears to be a most beautiful place and I hope to visit it someday. Meanwhile, I hope that the people will respect this resting place of brave men who died for freedom and justice.

    1. Rosalba

      Hi Sydney, thank you so much for your kind comment. I am Rosalba, the Sicilian author of this travel blog. I really hope you’ll enjoy a visit in the best places of my loved Sicily.

  2. chicababe

    Thank you for this information. I am trying to find information about a relative who is buried in the Military cemetery in Catania. This has been very helpful. Thank you again.

  3. Desmond Gordon

    I hope to be in Messena next week on a cruise stop, what is our best way to travel to Catania War Cemetery. We just have the one day. Should we use a taxi or train, or car hire? Thank you.

    1. Rosalba

      Hi Desmond, the best solution for a day trip to Catania is the one to hire a car. From Messina, follow the direction to Catania airport, before arriving to the airport, you’ll see the exit to Catania war cemetery.

  4. Jackie

    Hi I’m planning a trip in September to visit my uncles grave as a tribute to my mum who didn’t manage to get there before she sadly passed away.
    I’m travelling with my two sons who said they’d like to accompany me. We’re staying at Siracusa what’s the best way to get to Catania war cemetery, i don’t feel very confident driving abroad.

    1. Rosalba Mancuso

      Hi Jackie, thanks for sharing your experience. I am very sorry for your beloved mother.
      As regards your question, you can rent a car straight from the hotel where you stay. Usually, the same team of the hotel takes care to provide you with a reliable driver for your visit to Catania war cemetery. You can also take a bus. Try to see this link: Check if these buses cover the zone of Syracuse where you stay. I hope all this helps.

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