Buy a cheap property to retire in Sicily

seafront-properties-sicilyIf you are looking for buying a cheap property to retire in Sicily, you must absolutely read this post. That is an informative and comprehensive article written by a Sicilian woman who lives in Sicily and who knows the best Sicilian places where you can buy cheap and affordable properties to spend your retired life. This woman is me. Nevertheless, before buying a cheap retirement property in Sicily, you must also read the following  premise.

Cheap properties to avoid

In fact, it is easy you find cheap properties in very ugly and uncomfortable Sicilian places than in the fabulous and the unspoiled ones. However, the best places to buy a cheap property in Sicily exist, but they are always kept secret. Indeed, if you buy a cheap property anywhere in Sicily, you could remain very disappointed! Many apparently attractive places, in fact, are annoying because of bad mannered people to make noises and make life a real strength test. Well, do you want to buy a seafront property? You must know that beaches are quiet and calm in the winter, but noisy and too crowded in the summer. And so, if you think of spending your retirement in these places, you are wrong! Furthermore, there are also polluted zones in Sicily, where the price of properties is very cheap, almost a great bargain, but there, you risk to breath polluted air or the smell from exhaust pipe cars and scooters. Yes, some beautiful Sicilian properties are located in high traffic density zones. Hence, don’t buy in the downtown of Catania, Messina, Syracuse or Palermo, for example, but not even in the downtown of the East of Sicily, such as Modica and Noto. Here, you can find beautiful and expensive apartments for rent, but not cheap properties for sale. The secret Sicilian places with the best real estate bargains are elsewhere. Anyway, don’t get discouraged, now! If you want to buy a cheap retirement property in Sicily, continue reading the following paragraphs and you’ll discover how to achieve your legit desire to buy a good and very affordable property on my island (on the other hand, I live in Sicily every day).

Cheap properties to buy or rent

sicily-property1If you want to really proceed with your purpose, you must know this wonderful Italian island keeps some beautiful areas where you can buy fabulous and cheap houses. Those properties are in unspoiled places, always quiet, with good services to improve your daily permanence in Sicily. In fact, the ideal property, you must buy in Sicily should have the following requirements: untouched landscape, warm and well mannered people, a strong presence of basic services, such as health care assistance, pharmacy and grocery store, maybe not just in front of your home, but at a reasonable distance that you can reach easily. Before buying, you should also try to stay in Sicily for a while or for vacation, maybe in an apartment for rent, in a charming and relaxing area, in order to really understand how the life is in Sicily. If you need a rental house in Sicily for four weeks, at least, contact me. I’ll find the proper rental house for you.

sicily-property2Very often, real estate companies and agents aim only to close the deal and sell the highest number of properties in Sicily to foreign buyers. These properties are never cheap because real estate agents sell houses for business. This is not my interest, instead, and not even my business, because my mission is, only, to talk about my loved Sicily to the entire world and help my visitors enjoy the best experience here, both tourists and home buyers. Hence, if you are a Sicily lover or a Sicilian emigrant who left Sicily, many years ago, I understand very well your strong desire to come back to your Sicilian roots. You gained wellness, a good job and fulfillment in the foreign country which hosted you and once that your children grew up, you would like to return home. Well, just now, I want to assure that you can really buy a good and cheap property in Sicily in accordance with your legit desires and needs. The ideal places where buying a cheap home to retire in Sicily are among nice and quiet villages, lush green, trees and mountains, overlooking the sea, if you want, but not on the beach!


property3-sicilyThe cheapest and beautiful properties are always the one sold by private Sicilian people. Sometimes, you can find really big deals, with renovated properties, at an incredible cost. I suggest that you also look for properties to be undergone to renovation works. They are really cheap to be bought and you can also customize them as you want. Just think that, from a private seller, some years ago, I bought a cheap and pretty property in a wonderful and untouched village in Sicily. The home was in need of renovation, but I bought this home only at a cost of 15,000 euros. It is a big property with a great courtyard, plants and olive trees field and a garden. Don’t believe in those who promise you to buy a home for one euro. This is only a marketing strategy. To buy cheap retirement properties in Sicily, the prices run from 12.000 euros for homes needing renovation to 50,000 euros for renovated homes, but there are also properties that can cost over 100,000 euros and in need of strong renovation. Obviously, the latter is not a convenient bargain. Remember, the cheapest Sicilian homes are always offered by private sellers. Just at this moment, a private Sicilian  is selling his renewed property in Sicily at not more than 29,000 euros. The house is in a fabulous and quiet Sicilian village in Noto Valley. If you are interested in getting in touch with this Sicilian private seller,  to buy this cheap  property  and retire in Sicily, contact me. I’ll be very happy to help you. Don’t waste time, contact me now, because the cheapest and beautiful Sicilian properties by private sellers are always sold very fast.


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